Friday, January 22, 2021

What discounts does “The Hartford” offer for auto insurance?

Want to know what discounts The Hartford offers for auto insurance? The Hartford auto insurance has partnered with AARP to offer some of the best senior specific car insurance in addition to a handful of other discounts. 

AARP Discounts

The Hartford insurance company is known for its AARP specific discounts. 

Advantage Program Discounts

The discounts available to you through the advantage program come in the form of benefits that prevent higher costs you would otherwise face with other insurance providers.

For example: 

The discounts you get when you utilize the advantage program discounts include lifetime renewability for your car insurance meaning no matter what happens over the course of your life, the company guarantees that they will renew your coverage as long as you meet requirements like having a valid license and making your payments on time.

They also lock in your rates for a full year which means no changes happen at the 6-month mark, unlike other insurance companies.

In the event that you are in a car accident and you sustain injuries, there is an opportunity for reimbursement if you are unable to perform essential things at home like preparing your food or cleaning your home.

If your vehicle is totaled within the first fifteen thousand miles after a new car purchase or the first 15 months, the company will replace your vehicle with the exact same make, model, and equipment with no deduction for any depreciation.

If you use authorized repair shops after filing an insurance claim, the company will cover the cost of your car repairs for the duration that you own the vehicle.

Advantage Plus Program Discounts

The Advantage Plus program brings with it for extra discounts, so to speak:

  • First accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness is a discount that applies if you have maintained five full years of driving with no accidents, traffic violations, or insurance claims. If you have at least five years of clean driving and get into an accident, your first accident thereafter is forgiven without any increase in your premiums. This applies to any driver under your policy.

  • Disappearing deductible

As you maintain a clean driving record, your collision coverage deductible starts to drop. It will continue to drop as you continue to maintain a clean driving record until such time as, in some cases, it gets as low as $0.

  • One deductible

If you have multiple vehicles under the same policy and you file a claim for something that affects more than one vehicle, you only have to pay one deductible. The same discount applies to situations where you have bundled insurance; if your home and your vehicle are affected by the same event you only have to pay one deductible.

  • Deductible waived for an accident that is not your fault

You get into an accident and you are found not at fault, in many cases the collision deductible will be waived by The Hartford.

Policyholder Discounts

There are three types of additional discounts available:

Those applicable to the driver and their behavior

Defensive driver course: If you complete a defensive driving course, based on your state driving courses, you may be eligible for the defensive driver discount. This is available for any driver regardless of age. The Hartford insurance company awards some of the most substantial discounts to those customers who take approved driver safety classes because knowing how to drive safely reduces the risk that you or any other driver who is taking the class will be in a car accident. That keeps the overall costs of insuring your vehicle down.

Driver training: This is for younger drivers and available in most states. If you have a driver under the age of 21, you can receive a discounted policy after they complete approved driver training classes.

Good student: This is another discount applicable to student drivers. If you have a driver on your car insurance policy who goes to school full-time and is between the ages of 16 and 25, you can receive a discount on your policy if they maintain a B average, or a 3.0 or higher on the 4.0 scale.

Safe record: The Hartford offers discounts based on your driving record. You can receive $150 off your deductible if you are not in any car accidents, don't have any traffic tickets, and don't file any claims. This is something that will take time before you are eligible rather than a discount that applies to a new policy as soon as you take it out. 

Those applicable to the vehicle

Anti-theft device: If your vehicle has an anti-theft device, The Hartford will provide certain discounts. This includes any eligible equipment that reduces the likelihood of your car being stolen such as upgrading the safety feature so you can track your vehicle, turn the vehicle off if it's reported stolen, using car alarms and other such devices.

Airbags: If your vehicle has more than one airbag, you can receive a special safety feature discount. Like most insurance providers, the more airbags you have, the higher the discount you have available.

Fuel type: The Hartford will provide an extra discount if you have a hybrid car or electric car.

And additional discounts

Bundling: The Hartford will give you a discount if you bundle your coverage. This means combining homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or condo insurance with your auto insurance. The exact amount of discount varies based on your policy but on average you can save up to 5% on your auto insurance policy and up to 20% on the renter's, condo, or homeowner’s policy.

Pay in full: If you opt to pay your premium in full, on an annual basis when you take out your policy or renew your policy, you get a discount.

Remember, the many different discounts The Hartford offers mean you might have multiple discounts available to you at any given time and the available discounts on your auto insurance might change over time. As you add an extra teenage driver to your policy you might take advantage of driver behavior discounts. As you invest in a new car, buying a hybrid or fuel efficient model can help you take advantage of vehicle based discounts. And from time to time you might be in a position to pay in full for your premium that year, affording you additional savings.

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