Saturday, January 26, 2013

Information About Connecticut Auto Insurance

Just like any other state, car insurance is also compulsory in Connecticut. When applying for Connecticut auto insurance, you should note that there are two types of coverage. The first one is the bodily injury liability policy and the other one is the property liability policy. The state of Connecticut applies a system called "Tort" that means when a person caused the accident, he will be responsible for the damages.

The minimum required limits when applying for auto insurance are '20/40/10'. The auto insurance rate for bodily injury policy is $20,000. If more than one person is injured, the rate is $40,000. Where there is property damage, the rate is $10,000. These insurance policies are truly helpful to car owners and passengers because they will protect you from excessive costs when accidents occur.
Should you fail to apply for a state auto insurance plan, you will be fined an amount of $20,000 and warned to apply for one. When the individual ignores the warning notice, he will receive a driving suspension notice. If you don't want this to happen to you, be responsible enough to ensure that you have auto insurance. After all, it is only for your own benefit!

Additional Resources For Connecticut Auto Insurance Information
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