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What discounts does “The Hartford” offer for auto insurance?

Want to know what discounts The Hartford offers for auto insurance? The Hartford auto insurance has partnered with AARP to offer some of the best senior specific car insurance in addition to a handful of other discounts. 

AARP Discounts

The Hartford insurance company is known for its AARP specific discounts. 

Advantage Program Discounts

The discounts available to you through the advantage program come in the form of benefits that prevent higher costs you would otherwise face with other insurance providers.

For example: 

The discounts you get when you utilize the advantage program discounts include lifetime renewability for your car insurance meaning no matter what happens over the course of your life, the company guarantees that they will renew your coverage as long as you meet requirements like having a valid license and making your payments on time.

They also lock in your rates for a full year which means no changes happen at the 6-month mark, unlike other insurance companies.

In the event that you are in a car accident and you sustain injuries, there is an opportunity for reimbursement if you are unable to perform essential things at home like preparing your food or cleaning your home.

If your vehicle is totaled within the first fifteen thousand miles after a new car purchase or the first 15 months, the company will replace your vehicle with the exact same make, model, and equipment with no deduction for any depreciation.

If you use authorized repair shops after filing an insurance claim, the company will cover the cost of your car repairs for the duration that you own the vehicle.

Advantage Plus Program Discounts

The Advantage Plus program brings with it for extra discounts, so to speak:

  • First accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness is a discount that applies if you have maintained five full years of driving with no accidents, traffic violations, or insurance claims. If you have at least five years of clean driving and get into an accident, your first accident thereafter is forgiven without any increase in your premiums. This applies to any driver under your policy.

  • Disappearing deductible

As you maintain a clean driving record, your collision coverage deductible starts to drop. It will continue to drop as you continue to maintain a clean driving record until such time as, in some cases, it gets as low as $0.

  • One deductible

If you have multiple vehicles under the same policy and you file a claim for something that affects more than one vehicle, you only have to pay one deductible. The same discount applies to situations where you have bundled insurance; if your home and your vehicle are affected by the same event you only have to pay one deductible.

  • Deductible waived for an accident that is not your fault

You get into an accident and you are found not at fault, in many cases the collision deductible will be waived by The Hartford.

Policyholder Discounts

There are three types of additional discounts available:

Those applicable to the driver and their behavior

Defensive driver course: If you complete a defensive driving course, based on your state driving courses, you may be eligible for the defensive driver discount. This is available for any driver regardless of age. The Hartford insurance company awards some of the most substantial discounts to those customers who take approved driver safety classes because knowing how to drive safely reduces the risk that you or any other driver who is taking the class will be in a car accident. That keeps the overall costs of insuring your vehicle down.

Driver training: This is for younger drivers and available in most states. If you have a driver under the age of 21, you can receive a discounted policy after they complete approved driver training classes.

Good student: This is another discount applicable to student drivers. If you have a driver on your car insurance policy who goes to school full-time and is between the ages of 16 and 25, you can receive a discount on your policy if they maintain a B average, or a 3.0 or higher on the 4.0 scale.

Safe record: The Hartford offers discounts based on your driving record. You can receive $150 off your deductible if you are not in any car accidents, don't have any traffic tickets, and don't file any claims. This is something that will take time before you are eligible rather than a discount that applies to a new policy as soon as you take it out. 

Those applicable to the vehicle

Anti-theft device: If your vehicle has an anti-theft device, The Hartford will provide certain discounts. This includes any eligible equipment that reduces the likelihood of your car being stolen such as upgrading the safety feature so you can track your vehicle, turn the vehicle off if it's reported stolen, using car alarms and other such devices.

Airbags: If your vehicle has more than one airbag, you can receive a special safety feature discount. Like most insurance providers, the more airbags you have, the higher the discount you have available.

Fuel type: The Hartford will provide an extra discount if you have a hybrid car or electric car.

And additional discounts

Bundling: The Hartford will give you a discount if you bundle your coverage. This means combining homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or condo insurance with your auto insurance. The exact amount of discount varies based on your policy but on average you can save up to 5% on your auto insurance policy and up to 20% on the renter's, condo, or homeowner’s policy.

Pay in full: If you opt to pay your premium in full, on an annual basis when you take out your policy or renew your policy, you get a discount.

Remember, the many different discounts The Hartford offers mean you might have multiple discounts available to you at any given time and the available discounts on your auto insurance might change over time. As you add an extra teenage driver to your policy you might take advantage of driver behavior discounts. As you invest in a new car, buying a hybrid or fuel efficient model can help you take advantage of vehicle based discounts. And from time to time you might be in a position to pay in full for your premium that year, affording you additional savings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What discounts does “The Hanover” offer for auto insurance?

If you are looking for ways to save money on your auto insurance, you can do things like evaluate your coverage, review your deductibles, combine different insurance policies, or take advantage of the numerous discounts The Hanover offers.

These discounts are many and they apply to different situations so you might find that some of them don't help you save money in the present but in the year from now they do. The Hanover has a handful of discounts for auto insurance including:

Car Related Discounts

Personal Trait Discounts

Driver History

Policy Discounts

Customer Loyalty

  • New car
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Passive restraints
  • Good student
  • Senior
  • Student at college
  • Accident free
  • Safety course
  • Good driver
  • Low mileage
  • Paid in full
  • Paperless
  • Combined coverage
  • Multiple cars
  • How long you’ve had your policy

Discounts for Policyholders

Paid-in-full discount on new auto policies

The paid in full discount applies to new car insurance policies. This policy discount rewards you for paying your premium in full. When you sign up for new car insurance, or any insurance for that matter, you can choose the regularity of your installment payments, or pay for the entire year of coverage up front.

Many insurance providers will give a discount on your coverage if you pay the entire annual premium up front, and The Hanover is one of them.

Anti-theft devices discounts

The discount amount you receive is contingent upon the type of anti-theft protection devices you have, which state you live in, and what policy you have with The Hanover. These can include:

  • things like a GPS device,
  • scanning software that allows only you as the owner of the vehicle to open your car
  • disabling devices to shut off fuel intake or lock the ignition or simply disable certain function if your vehicle is stolen

Safety features

Having specific safety features on your vehicle can save you money. These features can include dual airbags or anti-lock brakes. Anti-lock brakes were only available on high-end vehicles in the 1970s but made their way into just about every car by the end of the 1980s. Some states like New York, New Jersey, and Florida actually require that insurance companies provide a discount for antilock brakes specifically. 

In most situations, the number of airbags you have directly influences the percentage you get for your discount. The more airbags you have, the better off you will be.

Some of the more common safety features that can result in a discount on your auto insurance policy include daytime running lights that have been proven to help prevent head-on collisions, and automatic seat belts.

The features that are covered in your discount will vary based on where you live and what policy you have but in newer cars, they can include state of the art features like adaptive cruise control on newer vehicles, the type of cruise control that adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance based on the traffic or the lane departure warning systems that use the built-in cameras to make sure you remain in your lane while driving. Other innovative systems include the collision avoidance systems.

Low Mileage discount

If you tend to stay at home, you could be eligible for the low-mileage discount with The Hanover, which rewards you for driving less often.

Multi-car discount

If you have more than one car insured with The Hanover, you can receive discounts based on the policies you have and the number of cars under your policy.

Prior carrier discount

Rewarding you for your loyalty, how long you've had your policy can bring with it discounts, even if you had a previous insurance provider and are switching to a new policy with The Hanover. In this situation, the cost of your new policy can be discounted based on how long you were a loyal customer of your previous insurance provider. 

That longevity is indicative of how loyal a customer you will be for your new insurance provider as well and given that insurance companies are businesses just like any other, the longer you are likely to remain a loyal customer, the better it is for their business.

Multiple Policies

How many policies you have with The Hanover can determine your discounts. Combining policies under the same provider like home insurance and car insurance can save you money on both.

Discounts for Teenage Drivers


TeenSMART is a special driver’s education safety course available for your teen driver. Hanover Insurance indicates that the simulations combined with a real life scenario that are part of this course will decrease the chances of your teenager getting in an accident by 30% while also reducing the cost of their car insurance. 


The parent choice option applies to your deductible. It's not a discount per se but it still helps you save money. By increasing your deductible you can reduce your premium on specific vehicles. The cars you do not want a teenage member of your household to drive can have a deductible increased to $2,500 using parent choice. Thereafter, if there is a claim involved in said car, the increased deductible applies only if your teenager was the one responsible.

Good student discount

The good student discount rewards students who work hard in school. From age 16 through 21, if your child maintains an average of all B’s or better, you get a discount.

Student away at school discount

When your student heads off to school leaving their car at home, this discount will save you money on the premium so long as your child is 21 or younger.

Overall, The Hanover offers many discounts for auto insurance whether you are a senior citizen, somebody who lives at home and rarely drives, or a commuter with teenagers in the house. Remember, too, that over the span of a few years, discounts that may not have applied to your policy could very well help you to save money now. The company is very clear that you can enjoy discounts on things like loyalty (how long you’ve had your policy) and good driving automatically and as these things improve so can the rate of the discount applicable to your policy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

When does my car insurance policy expire? (What time of the day?)

Buying a car is an important milestone in a lot of people’s life. It represents freedom, independence, and is considered by many one of life’s necessities. 

Your car adds value in so many ways, which makes protecting it equally as important as driving it. You would never drive your car without a door, a rear-view mirror, or brakes. So why would you ever take the chance of driving around without insurance?

In almost every USA state, it is legally required for drivers to meet minimum insurance requirements. Basic coverage generally covers the costs if you cause a car accident that injures someone else or damages their property. 

However, most drivers see the value of car insurance and understand its importance. Therefore, they are willing to invest a little more for a comprehensive policy to protect themselves, others, and their vehicle against the elements. More comprehensive car insurance policies may cover things like the costs incurred if your car is stolen, in an accident, or damaged by the elements (e.g., hail and falling objects). 

It is important to keep an eye on your car insurance policy to ensure that it does not lapse. The consequences of driving uninsured make you vulnerable and may lead to personal and financial devastation. 

Let’s step through some of the critical information you need to know about your car insurance and talk about ways of minimizing the risk of driving around uninsured. 

About your policy start date

Your car insurance policy is determined by the day your policy starts. A policy can start on any day of the month and does not necessarily have to start at the beginning of the calendar month. You choose the start date at the time of purchase. 

If you are not insured at the time you purchase your car, you can arrange for the policy to commence on or before you plan to start driving. This way, you don’t get caught driving without insurance. 

Policy period options

The length of a policy period varies per insurance provider. Car insurance policies typically last 6 or 12 months. However, some policies are set up on a month-to-month option. This option is rarely available and is usually only an avenue take by high-risk drivers. 

People identified as high-risk drivers usually don’t qualify for a policy with preferred insurance providers. Therefore, they may be required to pay significantly higher premiums. High-risk drivers may include people who have:

  • Auto-related offenses that resulted in a death or serious injury, 
  • A DUI/DWI conviction, or
  • Multiple traffic violations that equate to more than six points. 

Month-by-month policies put the driver at greater risk of driving around with an expired policy. Therefore, it is essential for high-risk policyholders to take greater due diligence to prevent this from happening.  

The best way to find out what date and time your policy expires is to check the policy period. This information is available on your car insurance declarations page. The declarations page is usually found at the front of your car insurance policy paperwork. If unable to find your policy period, speak to your car insurance representative as a priority. 

The Declarations Page explained 

The declarations page is a document that forms part of your insurance policy. It is available at the front of your policy and summarizes the key details of your car insurance. Some key information available on your policy’s declarations page includes: 

  • The car insurance policy number
  • Start and expiration dates and times 
  • The policyholder’s name and address 
  • The company name, address, and contact information of the insurance provider 
  • The policy premium and fees
  • Vehicle information such as the vehicle’s year, make, and model
  • Coverage type (e.g., comprehensive, collision, etc.) 
  • Coverage information 

When you renew your car insurance policy, you will receive a new declarations page with updated information to reflect any changes to your policy.  

Ways to make sure your insurance does not lapse 

When you think about all the times you have forgotten a loved one’s birthday or a major anniversary it is easy to understand how you could forget the exact date a time that your car insurance policy expires. 

It is important to take proactive steps to prevent driving around uninsured. Here are some tips for implementing in the week leading up to your policy expiration date:

  • Set up a calendar reminder on your mobile phone
  • Add a reminder to your wall calendar (if you have one)
  • Put your car insurance declarations page on your fridge door
  • Put a post-it reminder somewhere highly visible in your car and where you keep your car keys.

By taking one of or all of these steps, you are less likely to drive around uninsured. However, the most proactive step you can take is to contact your car insurance provider and renew your car insurance policy for another 6 or 12 months – whichever is more suitable and within your budget. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to your car insurance policy, you are the one in the driver’s seat. Take control of it by checking your policy’s declarations page and ensuring you know the exact date and time your insurance will expire. 

And remember, when it comes to car insurance, if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford to drive. Car insurance is mandatory and non-negotiable. Letting your insurance lapse has the potential to cost you a lot more in the long-term.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Traffic School And Your Driving Record

How Traffic School Can Help Your Driving Record and Why You Should Go

Getting a traffic ticket, for whatever reason, is never fun. Not only can it ruin a good day, but it can also have consequences that are far-reaching beyond just the moment you received it. In fact, getting a ticket can be on your driving record for several years, leading to higher insurance premiums along the way. And while one ticket can be damaging, going on to get a second can become devastating. If you find yourself in this position, consider doing what many others are doing across the country – attending traffic school.

Damaging Tickets

Most people that receive tickets each year do not set out to be malicious behind the wheel, rather they just get busy not paying attention to a minor thing, like stopping when they should, or going a little over the speed limit. If you get a ticket and just pay it and move on, you will likely find that your insurance rates will go up. Believe it or not, some traffic fines can also be held against you when you are applying for particular job positions, especially those that involve driving duties.

What many people are finding is that by attending traffic school they are able to help save their record and keep their insurance premiums from increasing. Many states allow drivers to attend these classes in an effort to make up for their infraction and learn from their mistake. One of the great things about these classes is that they are often offered online, making it convenient for everyone. In the courses, the material covered includes safe driving, as well as defensive driving techniques.

Where to Attend

If you are like most people you will find this route to be pleasant in taking care of any tickets you may have received. When it comes to selecting which school to go to there are some things you should consider. The first thing is you want to make sure the course you select is state-approved and being taught by certified instructors. You should also ensure that the goal of the course is to address tickets like the one you have received. Some schools may offer classes for those who receive speeding tickets, while others offer options for those who have gotten a DUI (driving under the influence).

While the class may cost you as much as $50 to take, you should find this to be a bargain compared to what it actually saves you in the long run, by keeping your insurance rates from increasing. If you get a ticket for any reason you should familiarize yourself with these classes and see if it can help you keep a clean driving record, which can go a long way in helping you in more ways than you may realize.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Auto Insurance With No Down Payment Explained

There are various kinds of automobile insurance packages in the marketplace. Several items are aimed at customers on a budget. Underwriters may request clients to supply down payment for the insurance product they purchase. Before choosing the no down payment option, take some time to examine grand totals of both alternatives. Sometimes, the no money down insurance may end up being costlier than conventional car insurance.

No down payment automobile insurance enables auto owners and drivers to get insurance for their automobile s with no initial payments. The arrangement is the fact that you pay via installments, commonly meaning monthly payments. When clients have a big enough budget, they could pay the whole year of insurance in advanced. Doing so not just saves the trouble to them of making monthly payments, however a payment costs less compared to the amount of 12 monthly installments of the no down payment counterpart.

Insurers have devised an alternate system of assisting buyers with strict budgets to pay their auto insurance, which is advantageous for both the customer along with the business. No down payment insurance appears favorable due to the modest monthly obligations that stretch over the year. They no longer need to cope with a substantial lump sum payment.

The disadvantage is frequently realized by the end of the full year, when one looks at the overall sum of payments through the year and compares it for the conventional number of an insurance product. By making comparative computations, the difference can really be staggering.

The stipulations of the contract change among the suppliers. Normally, late or lost payments mean forfeiture of the insurance. This really is avoidable provided that you match your payment obligations. There are various kinds of no money down insurance arrangements. Some businesses invest one to a sixmonth insurance plan, locking you in for a minimum of 6 months. Other companies bill you on a month-to-month basis without any given duration, in order to discontinue anytime. These subtle differences might not be fully described to you the minute you to remain the dotted line, hence you should read and comprehend the insurance policy details before registering.

While trying to find other favorable policies a lot of individuals who need immediate insurance choose for no down payment insurance. Short-term insurance might be perfect for this particular sort of scenario. Again, make sure you read the stipulations of the policy before making arrangements. You don't need to get stuck with a car insurance policy that doesn't fulfill your requirements and that you can't nullify.

Before the insurance coverage becomes effective even an initial payment may be required by no down payment insurance. So don't hesitate to ask questions to the insurance company, it's important not to be misled.

The following website has a good chart with the required down payments for each of the major insurers - - Auto Insurance Packages with Low or No Down Payment

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Advantages of Getting Liability Insurance

One of the most unique and sought after insurance type is this so-called liability insurance. It offers a unique kind of protection for the insurance purchaser and does not cost as much as other insurance types. This kind of insurance is really a good catch for all people out there.

Liability insurance can protect you from the chances of being sued or being held legally liable for something erroneous that a third party accuses on you. It may be about injury , negligence, or even malpractice.

However, if found legally liable, this specific type of insurance will be able to handle only the responsibilities
for the other party's losses and not yours. Hence, it is a lot cheaper than any other full coverage insurance systems offered by liability insurance companies. But, it is still a good option for those on the budget. It is important to note that this does not cover any form of intentional damage.

This liability insurance can be of different types. It could be as specific as auto liability insurance or simply the general liability insurance type. Same principles apply on these types of insurance. Whatever is your choice, it is just as important to keep safe as you go through life and with a back-up insurance system that can help you out at unexpected times.

Choosing the Right Liability Insurance

Getting liability insurance is a lot like buying a candy. You need to ponder hard, pick one, and examine it. You try to find out if it really tastes good, look at the wrapper if it peels off just right, and feel its weight on your palm and sniff at it if it's the right smell before actually buying it.

Like candies, that have different flavors - cherry, grapes, chocolate and many more - liability insurance also has different types - general liability insurance, car liability insurance, professional liability insurance, employment liability insurance and even liquor liability insurance. That is why there is a need to examine each type to know which policy is the best one for your need.

To find the best liability insurance, you first need to shop around. Since there are many types of liability insurance and many types of insurance policies, you should go around to get a good deal. Since there are liability plans you don't need, it would be good also if you are armed with what you want. You might also want to study your plan so you would know how much the company is entitled to pay and what are the accidents included in their coverage.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is the Cheapest Way to Get Auto Insurance?

Listed here are a few effective recommendations that can help anyone acquire cheap auto insurance. After all, the cheapest way to get auto insurance is to educate yourself first before signing a document.
First, ensure your credit history is acceptable. As controversial as it may seem, many insurance companies are now taking credit scores into account when deciding auto insurance rates. For those who have a good credit report, you'll have a higher chance of getting good auto insurance rates. Otherwise, you'll most likely have a difficult time obtaining the best auto insurance rate. It seems that if you have bad credit history, you're considered to be "high risk"!
Second, don't ruin your driving record. If you have never been in a vehicular accident before or granted speeding tickets then you will be considered as a responsible driver. And careful drivers have a chance of lessening their vehicle insurance rate. Another good way of proving you are a safe driver is to take formal driving courses.
Lastly, if you are still a student, make certain that you get excellent grades. Many auto insurance companies offer discounts to students who consistently get at least a B average or are in the top 20% of their class.

Shopping at the Best Auto Insurance Site
Prior to the internet becoming mainstream and the development of the best auto insurance site, drivers and motorists depended on phone books and word of mouth to locate low rate car insurance. Nowadays, websites that provide online car insurance quotes have grown to be popular and in demand because of the simplicity and convenience of online shopping.
Many car insurance websites offer a number of informative articles about the inner workings of vehicle insurance, so checking out cheap auto insurance is not really a hardship anymore. Furthermore, these websites provide quotes from various insurance companies for the seeker to have a good and comparative insurance shopping experience. Some even offer quotes for other kinds of insurance such as health, personal, and home. Motorists seeking a good auto insurance policy can shop around using a number of websites that exclusively specialize in providing car insurance quotes. The best auto insurance site provides news, information, car insurance rules and conditions, insurance directory, quotes, and even blogs devoted to sharing useful auto insurance information.
While researching auto insurance in this website, insurance seekers can easily navigate the website. This is very convenient for seekers who are not adept in using the internet. The site also connects the potential clients with car insurance companies directly.

Tips: the Cheapest Way to Get Auto Insurance
What is the cheapest way to get auto insurance? One of the best ways is to hop online to acquire as many companies offer competitive prices over the internet. However, analyzing deals offered by an auto insurance company is just half the picture. There are also a couple things you can personally do to ensure you are offered the best auto insurance rates:
Firstly, try to avoid using your car too much. Look for a job close to home and try walking to the store down the road instead of driving. You'll save gas money and get exercise while you're at it. Some insurance providers will give you better rates if you drive less. When you compare auto insurance rates, you'll notice that people who drive under 30 miles per week are more inclined to get low auto insurance rates. If you carpool with friends or begin taking the bus to reduce your driving mileage, you will be able to lower your vehicle insurance rate.
Secondly, always drive as carefully as you can. If your driving record is spotless from speeding tickets, vehicular accidents or traffic misdemeanors, the insurer will certainly give you a lower rate. You can also take formal driving courses to further bolster your claim that you're a safe driver who is unlikely to get into accidents.